Belva - Solid Glass Bathroom Mixer Faucet


Color: Black

Silver & Black

Hose Size: G9/16"

  • The stylish Belva - Solid Glass Bathroom Mixer Faucet, with a powerful waterfall flow is ideal for everyday bathroom tasks, like brushing teeth, washing your face and hands.
  • Provides a clear and steady laminar stream with a beautiful water presentation.
  • Can easily match your bathroom's modern decor, symbolization of elegance and practicability.
  • Ideal for home, commercial, restaurant and luxury hotels use.
  • Single handle design makes it easy to adjust the water.
  • Maintains beauty and quality, while also maintaining high efficiency of water pressure.
  • Durable, long-lasting construction and decor-complementing design.
  • Hot and cold water using.
  • Made from high quality zinc alloy, brass and glass.
  • Measures approximately: Faucet 5" x 5" x 4", Hose G9/16", G3/8" or G1/2"
  • Available color: black and silver & black.
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