Glass Pitcher


Capacity: 1.2L


Lid Design: Metal Lid

Metal Lid
Wooden Lid
Glass Lid

Stay refreshed and hydrated with this tall glass pitcher.

Available in 3 styles and 2 different capacities, these pitchers will be sure to quench your thirst. Made entirely of glass with a sturdy handle and smooth v-edge tip allows for easy pouring without spillage. Choose from a range of of different lid styles - wooden, metal or glass. Lids are secured with an anti-slip fringe which ensures that they don't fall off while you're pouring!


  • Capacity of 1.2L or 1.5L
  • Appropriate temperature of beverage ranges between -20 Celsius to 150 Celsius
  • Glass pitchers should be hand wash only
  • Please ensure to thoroughly clean and dry lids to avoid mould growth